Camping & Yachts

Camping&Yachts is located almost in the heart of the city, just 3.4 km from Riga's Old Town, making it just a few minutes by car, 15 minutes by bicycle or a 45-minute walk. You can combine your walk with admiring the panorama of Riga's Old Town and the historic buildings of Ķīpsala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The camper park was born out of our love for travelling and exploring the world. For years, we have spent our summers travelling with our families through different European and Asian countries, getting to know their cultures and people. We were so impressed by the introductions and networking, that we decided to open our own caravan park on the grounds of our warehouse and office centre. Thanks to our experience, the suitability of the area and the excellent location, we have been enjoying new acquaintances every summer for several years.

Our caravan park has a direct shoreline with the waters of the Daugava River, which will recharge you with its tranquillity, as well as a green area where you can set up your armchairs, breakfast table or tent to enjoy the sunrise or the panorama of the Old Town of Riga.

Riga's waterways are freely accessible to any resident or visitor, so you can explore the city's historic centre, the major islands of the Daugava, as well as Ķīpsala itself, on your own or rented boat or SUP board. It's a great way to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, explore the city or perhaps catch one of the concerts that often take place on the riverbanks.

We have everything you need to make your visit to Riga as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

We would like to warn you that a noisy evening is possible, as the Daugava banks are often used for concerts and discos, and the river is a good acoustic conductor. If you want some peace during a concert, we'll be happy to provide you with quality earplugs.