Camping & Yachts caravan park internal rules and regulations

These rules define the rights, obligations and norms of behaviour of guests staying at “Camping & Yachts” (hereinafter - camping) at 7a Matrozu Street, Riga:

  • While in the camping area, the guest agrees to the terms of the campsite and undertakes to abide by them.
  • In order to rent the camping premises or territory, the guest must sign the guest registration form, presenting an identity document (passport, ID card).
  • After signing the guest registration form for the stay at the campsite, the guest makes payments according to the price list.
  • The campsite is paid 24 hours from the time of the guest's arrival. If the guest stays at the campsite for more than 24 hours, they must pay a fee for the campsite service for the entire stay.
  • The administration shall ensure the entry of vehicles into the camping area from 9.00 to 20.00. If it is necessary to enter/leave the area at other times, this must be agreed with the campsite administration. There is no time limit for pedestrians to enter the area.
  • Only guests who rent a parking space for a vehicle have the right to use the tent site in the camping area.
  • It is the duty of the campsite guests to protect the campsite's material base. The person guilty of material damage is fully liable.
  • When staying at the campsite, guests must adhere to the general rules of conduct and courtesy, respecting the culture of mutual relations, respecting the surrounding guests, nature and the environment. It is forbidden to disturb the rest of the other camping guests in any way.
  • It is forbidden to install audio and video equipment in the camping area. If it is necessary to install audio equipment or other sound systems, it must be agreed in advance with the campsite management and, if necessary, also with the Riga City Municipality. It is forbidden to disturb other camping guests with the volume of audio equipment in the camping area.
  • The use of pyrotechnics in the camping area is prohibited.
  • The owner is fully responsible for keeping their animal on the campsite. It is forbidden to leave pets unattended.
  • While staying in the camping area, the guest undertakes to observe the night rest from 23.00. until 08.00.
  • Only the persons indicated in the guest registration form are allowed to stay in the camping area.
  • Children under the age of 18 can stay on the campsite under the supervision of a parent or authorized person.
  • The vehicle must be parked at a place designated by the campsite administration.
  • Only a person registered at the campsite may park a vehicle in the camping area, paying for the parking of the vehicle.
  • Trailers in the camping area must be placed in specially equipped places designated by the camping administration. Trailer chemical toilets must be emptied in specially designated areas.
  • Tents in the camping area must be placed in their designated places, with prior registration with the camping administration.
  • While at the campsite, electrical appliances must be used in accordance with safety regulations.
  • There are single showers for both men and women in the camping area. Camping users undertake to use separately. showers for men and women according to the list placed at the entrance door of the shower room
  • It is forbidden to light fires in the camping area.
  • Elements of basic cleanliness and order must be observed in the camping area. Do not contaminate premises and areas.
  • The campsite administration does not take any material responsibility for the personal belongings of guests and the preservation of guests' belongings.
  • The guest and the persons accompanying him/her in the camping territory undertake to comply with the requirements of all relevant regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia and the territory of Riga.
  • The guest and the persons accompanying him/her must leave the camping area for non-compliance with the rules of procedure, as well as the administrator's instructions. The staying fee is non-refundable.
  • The guest is informed that his / her personal data and the persons indicated in the registration form will be processed to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of these rules and the provision of camping services.

Have a nice rest!

Camping & Yachts administration.