Riga boat tour

Riga is one of those European cities with a navigable river, as well as smaller rivers and canals. The most famous and most popular of these is the City Canal, which winds through the historic centre of Riga, giving you the opportunity to see the city's historic architecture, gardens and parks, as well as the Riga Opera House and the Latvian Freedom Monument, from a different perspective. For our guests, we provide this excursion with a start and finish point from our private boat dock.


Kayak rental

Riga's waterways are ideal for all users. As there is not a lot of boat and motorboat traffic, Riga's waterways are also perfect for exploring Riga in a kayak.

Get acquainted with the rules of Riga's waterways, rent a kayak or put your own in the water and go – explore Riga's historic center, islands, suburbs, and various canals.


Sunrise in a swamp lake

This may be the most magical sunrise of your life

SUP board rental

Learn about the rules for using Riga's waterways, rent a SUP board or put your own in the water and go – explore Riga's historic centre, islands, suburbs and various canals.

If this is your first SUP experience, don't worry, you'll get excellent instruction on video or in real life. Our partners work according to the world's best standards:
ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors)


Bicycle rental

Riga is a relatively young European capital, but despite this we have developed a good cycling culture, both in terms of infrastructure and society. Riga is suitable and safe for cycling.

Explore the historic city centre, the central market, the Daugava Islands and the promenade, as well as the various museums and neighbourhoods, on a cycling adventure.



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